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14,000 respond to Sinn Féin’s cost of living survey

25 November 2021

Sinn Féin pledges to stand up for workers and calls on government to act on energy prices and implement rent freeze as cost of living survey results published. Free article

Deposit return scheme: Cloak and dagger policy risks betraying Ireland’s beautiful nature

19 November 2021

A DEPOSIT RETURN SCHEME (DRS) for drinks containers was a centrepiece of the Taoiseach’s Programme for Government set out in June last year. A DRS for Ireland will see shoppers pay a small deposit on drinks containers which is subsequently redeemed when the packaging is returned. Done right, the scheme could be a game-changer for Ireland’s once pristine natural spaces. Free article

Building a democratic, rainbow coalition for Irish Unity – Declan Kearney

18 November 2021

In his latest blog, Declan Kearney sets out the party's plan to launch People's Assemblies on a new Ireland next year. Free article

Tadhg Barry - 100th anniversary

14 November 2021

This is an edited version of an article by Trevor Quinn of Cork SIPTU, first published in An Phoblacht, November 2011 Free article

The Protocol Impasse: Tories & DUP are engaged in the worst type of toxic politics – Declan Kearney

13 November 2021

Writing in his latest blog, Declan Kearney says the Tories & DUP are engaged in the worst type of toxic politics. Free article

Remembering Tony Birtill – Scouse Not English

1 November 2021

Liverpool’s Irish community was in mourning following the recent death of local republican, historian and Irish language activist Tony Birtill. Free article

Negotiations in London 100 years ago

28 October 2021

As autumn turned to winter in 1921 negotiations were taking place in London that were to shape the destiny of Ireland for decades and the consequences of which are still felt today. The Irish delegation in London represented Dáil Éireann, the government of the Irish Republic, and they faced negotiators who saw themselves as representing not just the British government in Westminster but the British Empire. Free article

Frederick Douglass honoured in Dublin

23 October 2021

The great African-American anti-slavery leader Frederick Douglass was honoured in Dublin on 21 October with a City Council commemorative plaque on one of the buildings where he spoke when he visited Ireland in 1845. Free article

In Russell’s Footsteps

21 October 2021

Thomas Russell, a founding leader of the revolutionary society of the United Irishmen, was executed by British crown forces in Downpatrick Gaol on this day, 21st October 1803. Free article

Our people deserve a future beyond the failure of partition – Declan Kearney

18 October 2021

Writing in his latest blog, Declan Kearney said the people of Ireland deserve a future beyond the failure of partition. Free article

Mica redress campaign lands in London

13 October 2021

Islington played host to the launch of a Mica Redress campaign London-Irish support network last week with Jeremy Corbyn attending and pledging his support. Free article

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