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British Government indicted in latest collusion report

18 January 2022

The latest Northern Ireland Ombudsman report has found that British state forces were working with loyalist murder gangs that killed 19 people, across counties Antrim, Derry, Tyrone and Donegal between 1989 and 1993 Free article

The ‘Magnificent Seven’ swim to freedom

16 January 2022

Fifty years ago on 17 January 1972 seven Republican internees escaped from the British prison ship, HMS ‘Maidstone’, moored at the coal wharf in Belfast docks, and swam to freedom. They achieved fame in news headlines across the world as ‘The Magnificent Seven’. Free article

Women and girls have lived in fear forever – Mary Lou McDonald

14 January 2022

Speaking ahead of a vigil outside Leinster House in memory of Ashling Murphy, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald said: in memory of Ashling Murphy, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD said: “Violence against women and girls, and the fear of it, is far too common and blights the lives of women and girls across the country” Free article

Why Disability Rights are Human Rights – Declan Kearney

7 January 2022

Declan Kearney writes on the need to incorporate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) into law. Free article

Dáil Éireann divides on the Treaty

6 January 2022

One hundred years ago this week Dáil Éireann voted on the Treaty and divided just as the Cabinet had already divided and as the IRA was shortly to do also. It was a division that would lead eventually to armed conflict, but not for another six months, with many other factors contributing to the outbreak of the war. Free article

Liam Mellows defends the Irish Republic

3 January 2022

Dáil Éireann debated the Treaty in December 1921 and early January 1922. One of the most enduring speeches is that of Liam Mellows, senior IRA officer, former envoy in the United States, 1916 Rising leader in Galway, former Fianna Éireann organiser. He argued that the Republic existed and that the Treaty surrendered it. He warned prophetically of what would happen when politicians took power in the Free State and his message was strongly anti-imperialist, pointing to the crimes of the British Empire across the globe. The speech was delivered 100 years ago on 4 January 1922 and we carry key extracts here. Free article

Pat Rehill – A tribute

22 December 2021

Republicans across Ireland were saddened by the recent death of committed and dedicated republican Pat Rehill. Free article

PSNI wrong to quash Hooded Men case - British Supreme Court

15 December 2021

In a landmark victory, Britain’s highest court has ruled that the PSNI decision to not investigate the torture of fourteen men in 1971 was “wrong”, and “irrational”. Free article

British government amnesty legislation will make legacy a permanently toxic issue – Declan Kearney

14 December 2021

Writing in his latest blog, Declan Kearney said the British government's amnesty legislation will make legacy a permanently toxic issue. Free article

Máire Drumm our ‘Unmanageable Revolutionary’

8 December 2021

Martina Anderson was a guest speaker at a commemorative event for Máire Drumm in Scotland last weekend. In her speech Martina remembers a “republican visionary”. Free article

Centenary of a catastrophe - the signing of the Treaty 

5 December 2021

The ‘Articles of Agreement’ commonly known as the Treaty were signed in London in the early hours of the morning of 6 December 1921. They were signed by a divided Irish delegation under threat of an immediate resumption and escalation of the British government’s war of terror in Ireland.  Free article

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